Our Instructors

Brad Rangell: Principle Instructor

Brad Rangell is the co-founder of Long Island Historical Fencing Society ("LIHFS"). Since he travels often for work, Brad is lucky enough to be a modern 'journeyman' and frequently studies with several well-known HEMA schools across the country and internationally as well, including Chicago Swordplay Guild (Greg Mele), NYHFA (Mike Edelson and Tristan Zukowski), London Longsword Academy (Dave Rawlings), Die Schlatschule (Hugh Knight), Meyer Friefechter (Mike Cartier), and several of Christian Tobler's students, to name just a few.
As a traveling ambassador, Brad strives to learn as much as he can and bring best practices to LIHFS and the HEMA community in general. Brad is a proponent of cross-training with other athletic activities and was a competitive runner in high school and college. Today, when he doesn't have a longsword in his hands, Brad continues to be active in competitive tennis, roller hockey, basketball and other sports. Brad lives in Woodbury, Long Island, New York with his wife, two sons, and daughter Gracie (an eight year old Golden Doodle).

Ryan Zukowski: Instructor

Ryan is our senior mixed weapons instructor. After beginning his studies with the longsword in 2013, he has studied sword and buckler, spear, dagger and armored combat in the Liechtenauer tradition. In addition, he has helped to initiate the group's studies of later period weapons including dussack, sidesword, rapier, and saber among others. In addition to bringing new varieties of weapons to the group, he has traveled extensively to train with other senior instructors in the US and has never passed up an opportunity to learn from visiting experts from all over the world. Ryan's main focus in studying Historical European Martial Arts is interpreting the original source materials and recreating the systems of fighting described therein.

Matt Erickson: Instructor

Matthew Erickson is a senior student and assistant instructor for Long Island Historical Fencing Society. Matt has been a member of the LIHFS since 2012, and has been consistently active since then. He has been a passionate martial artist and medieval history enthusiast for many years and has taken an active role in the training and preparation of new students from early on. He has been involved in the organization and planning of many of the school' community programs and public exhibitions, and always seeks opportunities to expand the reach of the group and recruit new members.
Matt seeks to recreate the art as authentically as possible to give an insight into the martial arts that shaped European history through the medieval era and Renaissance. He currently focuses on the Liechtenauer tradition, specifically the longsword and ringen (grappling) techniques, and has additional expertise in other forms within the Liechtenauer system. Matt currently resides in Bellport, NY.